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Whether you are funded through an insurance company or paying privately, AZCFC is committed to maintaining affordable fees. Our fee schedule is as follows:

Agency Fees...

Our agency follows this general policy regarding fees and insurance billing:

  1. Every effort will be made to discuss the fees with you prior to the intake session, i.e. telephone, so that you can decide whether or not to go through with the intake. Our fees are published on our website so that you can be aware of them prior to your intake. If you have difficulty with our fees after intake, your counselor will make every effort to discuss your resources and provide an appropriate referral if needed.

  2. Late Cancellations/Missed Appointments: Late cancellation is defined as any cancellation by the client that is not made by 24 (or more) business hours. Missed appointments are defined as not showing to scheduled appointment altogether without notifying the therapist. The agency charges the hourly rate for late cancellations or missed appointments. Private insurance clients will be charged the total amount the insurance pays including client copay. If the therapist is able to reschedule the appointment within 5 business days or before the your next scheduled appointment, the agency may choose not to charge for the late cancel or no show. Private Pay and Private Insurance clients must sign a debit/credit card form which is kept on file for this purpose.

  3. Courtesy or Second Party Payers. This is defined as a person other than the identified client who agrees to be responsible for payment of services for the client. It is understood that the client or in cases of minors the parent is responsible for paying ALL fees. We will allow a courtesy payer or a second party (ie adult parent paying for an adult child) to pay for services, however, we will not discuss appointments or appointment schedules with courtesy payer because of confidentially. Payments must be made with a signed debit/credit card kept on file. Other billing options are not available for courtesy payers. If the courtesy payer requires a “Superbill” or other documentation required for insurance reimbursement, we will ask the you to sign a consent to release that information directly to the courtesy payer or we will provide the information directly to you so that you can, in turn, provide it your courtesy payer. Courtesy payers must sign this fee agreement as well as the client.

  4. Insurance Billing: Not all therapists at this agency are “in network” providers for private insurance companies. For clients where we have determined their treating therapist is covered under their private insurance, we will complete or ask you to complete an initial benefits/eligibility check. We will discuss the benefits check with you. We will discuss any copays and/or deductibles required by. Copays and deductibles will be collected in the same manner as established in the previous paragraphs. If payment is denied by the insurance company for any reason other than our error, we will charge our full fees and discuss options regarding payment and continued services at that time. If we determined the payment denial was our error we will re-bill and attempt to collect the payment from the insurance company.

  5. Superbills: When a client’s assigned therapist is not an “in network” insurance provider, the agency will offer to prepare a “superbill” that the client can turn into their insurance provider for reimbursement. Neither the agency nor the assigned therapist is responsible for any denial by the client’s insurance company of payment. When the agency agrees to provide a superbill, clients must pay the agency’s full fee regardless of what their insurance will reimburse. Once the agency and client agree to the superbill arrangement, the agency will not bill their insurance directly. The agency will not complete any additional documentation required by your insurance company to assist you in collecting reimbursement from them.

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