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LGBTQ Affirming Therapy . . .

"I am beautiful

No matter what they say

Words can't bring me down

I am beautiful

In every single way

Yes words can't bring me down

Oh no

So don't you bring me down today."

- Christina Aguilera

AZ Center for change provides affirming therapy and programs for the LGBTQ community. With greater societal awareness of differences in sexual orientation and gender expression and identity, people are coming out at younger ages and in ways unlike previous research has informed us. Many individuals, families, schools, and communities are looking to specialized professionals to provide guidance, increase protective factors, and respond in a culturally appropriate manner.

These services can be accessed as “stand-alone” services or in conjunction with our other specialty programs.

We provide education, therapy and support services for persons who are experiencing challenges with their gender or sexual orientation expression. These services may be delivered in group or individual (or both). Staff members who deliver these services are either part of the LGBTQ community or have demonstrated competence in this area. We provide education and support to family members as well.

We follow the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) standards for providing care to transgendered persons. We collaborate with specialized medical professionals in the community to assist with prescribing hormones and obtaining surgeries when appropriate.

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