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Psychosexual and Sexual Risk Assessments . . .

"I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

- Henry David Thoreau

A psychosexual assessment/sexual risk assessment is an assessment that focuses on an individual’s sexual development, sexual history, paraphilic interests, sexual adjustment, risk level, and victimology. Some components include objective measures such as sexual interest tests, clinical polygraph exams or other psychological testing.  It also includes a full social history, familial history, employment/school history, case formulation, and specific treatment recommendations. The assessment greatly assists attorneys and courts (prior to sentencing for adults), foster care and social service agencies that work with adults who have engaged in illegal or dangerous sexual behavior, sexually reactive children or adolescents who have engaged in problem sexual behavior.

Who could benefit from these assessments?

Individuals who have been charged with sexual crimes, youth who have displayed inappropriate sexual behaviors, sexual addicts, defense and prosecuting attorneys, group homes, schools, detention facilities, social services, foster care providers, residential facilities.


What documents are needed for the assessment?

Prior to the assessment, the evaluator will need the following documents:

  • Official legal documents such as Presentence Report, Police Reports, Forensic Interview Reports and any other court related documents.

  • If this is a family court case, we require that we are appointed by the court to complete the evaluation. A minute entry document is required that establishes court appointment.

  • Any other previous evaluation reports.

  • Treatment notes/reports if applicable.


How long is the assessment?

A full sexual risk assessment usually takes 1-2 full days to complete all the interviews and testing. The report is typically 12-18 pages in length depending on the measures used.

What are the fees involved for assessment?

Sexual risk assessments can vary in price depending on the testing measures used.  Our fee for a standard full assessment is on our fee schedule page.

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