Employment Opportunities:


AZCFC has the following positions open:


  • Family Preservation Specialist

  • Behavioral Health Technician for Sexual Maladaptive Behavior

  • DBT/Trauma Therapist

  • Expressive Arts Therapist

  • Clinical Manager of Mental Health Services


AZ Center for Change is always looking for talented and qualified counselors to enhance our team.  We have a slightly different approach to hiring than most behavioral health agencies.  When we hire new staff, it is a mutually beneficial process.  We do not view our staff as “working for us”, rather we view them more as “let’s work together to create something and reach our goals.” 


How does this work?  Through our public and private contracts, staff and the agency work together to co-create specialty programs that are needed in our community. We also hire to fill positions in our existing specialty programs. We have full time and some contract positions available. There is a minimum revenue requirement for all staff.  This requirement is a dollar amount, not a “billable hour” amount.  Group services help to reach the minimum revenue requirement.


We encourage candidates with specialty training and services to apply.  If a candidate has a specialty that fits into our agency needs, mission, contracts and vision, that candidate may be asked to submit a program plan for the service along with a marketing plan to build the program.  We prefer proposed programs to include group, individual and family therapy.  The agency mutually participates in the marketing efforts through our existing advertising campaigns.


Minimum Qualifications: Clinical Therapist: a minimum of master's degree in mental/behavioral health field and eligible for licensing through the AZ Board of Behavioral Health Examiner. Supervision toward independent license is available for this position. Candidates must have at least one year of experience working within the specialty area they identified. Knowledge of cognitive behavioral, motivational and other best practice models is preferred.  All our staff must have level 1 fingerprint clearance cards.


Minimum Qualifications: Behavioral Health Technician: a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in mental/behavioral health field and 5 years of experience in the field. Level 1 fingerprint clearance is required as well.


Candidates who have the following expertise and training are highly desirable:


  • Expressive Arts

  • Family Preservation

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • EMDR

  • Sexual Abuse and Trauma

  • Substance Abuse

  • Anger Management

  • Mandated Clients

  • Sex Offender Treatment and Assessment


If you are the kind of person who can function independently, doesn’t need a lot of structure, takes initiative, is creative, doesn’t sweat the small stuff and are looking for a unique opportunity, this may be the right opportunity for you. If the following words or phrases have meaning to you, this may be the job for you: ambitious, self directed, "good enough is not good enough", excellence, collaboration, creating opportunities and "can do".

If you are interested in applying for a position with our agency, send a cover letter and resume to the agency Director, Diane Genco at dgenco@azcfc.com.

Internship Opportunities:


 Our agency is set up to take on a limited number of interns per year.  Because we are a small and unique agency, we screen interns very carefully to make sure they are able to function in our fast paced environment.  We also encourage our interns to participate in the agency as if they were a regular therapist.  Interns are given a lot of autonomy but also provided with close supervision and training.


We require that interns be available minimally 15 hours per week and can work minimally 4 or 5 hours at a time.  Evening and Saturday hours are offered on a very limited basis. Interns are required to make a minimum 6 month commitment.

If you are interested in applying for an internship position with our agency, send a cover letter and resume to the agency Director, Diane Genco at dgenco@azcfc.com. 

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